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Monday, November 10, 2008

My bad...

As we all know, the Avalanche have been in a bit of a rut to start the season. Inconsistent defense, offense and goaltending have led to 6-8-0 record, good for 13th in the Western Conference. They're behind Los Angeles for crying out loud.

And today I realized it's all my fault.

I recently rearranged my office and in doing so my Avalanche banner ended up falling behind my desk. It lay there, sad and forlorn for quite some time until today when I noticed it as I rearranged some cables (the bane of my existence).

It has reclaimed it's rightful place in full sight of anyone who sets foot inside the room.

It might take a game or two for the good fortune to make its way to the team but once it does...look out!


Ryan Riebau said...

I too have a confession to make....I have a Colorado Avalanche mirror that fell off my wall and broke 3 weekes ago. Fortunately the mirror is in tact but the frame is busted up. I need to wood glue it together and put it back up. I agree Shane, we're not doin the AVS any favors by not properly representing...

Shane Giroux said...

My mini jersey (seen in my profile picture) has been faithfully sitting on my office window ledge so it's doing its part.

It's just not as big as the banner and that's the problem ;)

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