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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Names on paper

I'm a bit late getting this out but I was taking in Remembrance Day ceremonies.

A few years back I was vacationing with a friend out East and we ended up in Ottawa for a couple days. Ottawa is our political hub and while neither of us are huge politics nuts, it would have been remiss of us not to head to the Parliament buildings and take the tour.

While up at the top we had the somber pleasure of seeing a couple books which contained the names of fallen Canadian soldiers from the (too many) wars that have been fought.

Seeing their names captured in that document and reflecting on their ultimate sacrifice put me in an "artistic" mood. I hope we always remember those people as more than just names on paper.

a name writ down on paper
encased in shining glass
a glimpse of some old memory
enshrined within our past
the few who still remember
feel sorrow to this day
the proud still walk among us
their future in decay
the young do well to know them
so past avoids remand
the future writ on paper
encased within their hands


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