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Friday, June 12, 2009

Goodbye Lappy, Hello Darcy

Everybody, get prepared to hate on Darcy Tucker even more next season. Because of his ridiculous $2.5M salary, the Avs are lowballing Ian Laperriere in contract negotations and Lappy will likely no longer be a part of the Avalanche organization.

There are three sides of the fence to sit on. 1 - Keep Lappy at any cost. 2 - Let him go, he's old and slow. 3 - They should have traded him at the deadline.

Of course, there's all shades of grey in between 1 and 2, but I think most people can focus on #3 here. If the Avalanche were going to stay firm at their sub-seven figure offer, why keep him around in a disastrous season? Now they will lose Lappy for nothing, when they could have got back more than he was worth at the trade deadline.

Laperriere is certainly getting up there in age and the Avs are a bit hamstrung by cap dollars, but it would be nice if they cut out these ridiculous lowball offers from their "negotiating" tactics.

And am I the only one who sometimes feels a twinge of guilt at dealing with people as simply assets with value?


Devon Rathie Wright said...

If Tucker isn't kept at ANY cost, who will I emulate when scoring my garbage goals at floor hockey? Well?

I think you're missing the point, Shane-o. Tucker is much more important than Lappy. Well, for my floor hockey anyways.

whereisian said...

And am I the only one who sometimes feels a twinge of guilt at dealing with people as simply assets with value?

Two words: Dany Heatley

Joel said...

Why don't the buy out Tucker. It's better than having that waste of a hockey player play.

I hope Lappy stays


When you have accountants running things the inevitable result is overpaid garbage players like Tucker, and low ball offers to good players like Lappy, who then move on to greener pastures. The Avs will be mediocre at best until Lacroix is removed and a new regime put in place.

unlearn. said...

I'm so confused, why can't they buy Tucker out? Wouldn't that save them half his contract against their cap?

Shane Giroux said...

If they bought out Tucker it would cost them $1.5 against the cap this year (2/3 of his salary). Of course, they could spread it over 2 years but they shouldn't given that the cap will be dropping.

Then factor in $1.5M for Lappy (I'm assuming that's what he's asking for) and all of a sudden that's $3M in cap space for a fourth-line guy.

Of course, that's only $0.75M more than it would cost to keep Tucker around.

SPAZZ, that's exactly it. Accountants do numbers, not negotiations. They're too hardline to be able to tiptoe around player needs/wants and figure out what's best for the team. It always boils down to $$$ for them and they lose sight of the big picture.

Devon, you don't need a model. You do just fine on your own :P

Anonymous said...

It Will suck to lose lappy, but we do suck anyway at the moment. How bout Reducing Tucker's salary and Altitude sports can pay him $2.5 million to hunch over a drinking fountian for 30 seconds. IF THE AVS RAISE HIS PAY HE HAS TO RAISE HIS LEVEL OF PLAY! If lappy signs with another team he can at least drop the gloves on Tucker when he plays against us. That SUCKS to even think about. HEY SHERM! SIGN LAPPY!!

Anonymous said...

look I love him to but, look what coyotes got for Carcillio!.Dumbest thing FG did (didn't)it's not like we can pay him now.

Anonymous said...


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