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Friday, November 6, 2009

Avalanche vs Blackhawks; Game Preview

Do you know what I was doing while the Avalanche were beating the Coyotes? Sleeping. That's right, I fell asleep before the game started and didn't wake up until 12 hours later when the game was won, the rejoicing was over, the worrying had started over Duchene's sore shoulder and the callouts had begun. Aside from missing the rejoicing, I was ok with sleeping through that.

Today? I'm ready to go. It's an hour until game time, I just chowed down a protein bar (just kidding, those are crap), chugged down an energy drink (just kidding, those are crap), beat up a Leafs fan (just kidding, they're all in hiding), put on my Avalanche jersey (I honestly did this) and slammed my butt down on the couch (just kidding, I have to cook supper first).

And if you're thinking to yourself "Don't cook with your jersey on! It's probably quite flammable. And prone to getting spilled on." Have no fear. The kitchen is a no-jersey zone. It comes off when I head in to the kitchen and goes back on when I come out.

"Why don't you just leave it off until you're done cooking?", you ask. Well, if I did that, how would the team get any good vibes out of me? Let's not get crazy here, folks!

I'm in a fairly good mood today - 30 minutes ago I was kick-dancing down the grocery aisles to "Love Shack", much to the chagrin of my better half - and I have no fears that the Avalanche might let me down tonight with a lackluster effort. Though there will undoubtedly be more of those to come this season, tonight will not be one of them.

So kick back, relax and enjoy what should be a hell of a hockey game. And hey, it's always fun to watch Huet get lit up, right?*

*What? I had to at least make some mention of the game in this post, didn't I?

Addendum: Huet isn't starting. So let's all laugh at Brian Campbell's contract, mkay?


horbayj said...

i was singin 'don't stop believing' tonight while scarfing down some mad good pasta...i'm not sure why, but it annoyed the hell outa my friend..

texacogirl said...

horbayj, I can tell you why. (I may be missing the snark here) but in case you didn't know, that is the song Red Wings fans reigned down from the rafters of the Joe during the playoffs. I cannot effin stand that song just for that reason.

Shane Giroux said...

I refuse to let them kill what is one of the finest songs of the 20th century. Don't let them do it, texacogirl. It will only bring joy to their blackened hearts ;)

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