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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Avalanche 4 - Blackhawks 3; Game Highlights

If there's one thing we should know by now about this Avalanche squad, it's that a 2-goal deficit means the game is just getting started. With five minutes left on the clock and a 2-0 deficit, a lot of fans must have been thinking "If we can get just one goal, this game will be ours." I know I did.

Look up in the sky...

Who better to reward our faith than another gap-toothed favorite, Ryan O'Reilly. In what was thought to be Matt Duchene's year, Ryan O'Reilly has shown what this team has been missing for some time - a true 3rd-line center.

O'Reilly nabbed two goals tonight and as always, was solid from start to finish in both zones. When I watched O'Reilly during Team Canada's orientation camp scrimmages, you had the feeling that this kid was destined to be an excellent 3rd-line center. That it has happened so soon is gravy on top of what has been a sweet boat ride through the first fifth of the season.

Avast thar

Twice I've predicted David Jones to have a 30-goal season. Once, I was wrong. But this time, it's looking good. Jones' shorthanded goal in the 2nd period was the exact goal I expect him to score. That he did it by making Dustin Byfuglien look pedestrian on the point is all the better. If he can stay healthy, he's going to hit it.


I love Duncan Keith and can't wait to see him play for Team Canada in Vancouver. There's no way they can't put this guy on the squad.

What the hell was Andrew Ladd doing all alone in front of the Avs net on that third goal? Taking advantage of the Avs losing assignments again, that's what.

Cody Mcleod came back and laid out 6 hits. I think it's clear what the Highlander brings to this squad, eh?

Brett Clark with 12 blocked shots? I'm still not a fan of his defensive positioning but the man has brass balls.

Kyle Quincey broke the 30 minute barrier tonight. Beast! Adam Foote played 26 minutes. That's too much for him at his current speed. The Liles injury put them in a tough spot but Foote shouldn't be playing more than Scott Hannan.

Next game

The Edmonton Oilers are in town tomorrow night at 8:00pm ET. I think the Avs 6-0 winning streak at home will continue on.

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