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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Avalanche Sign Budaj, Koci


More to say later but I'm shocked that Budaj is willing to come back and I have no idea why the Avalanche are willing to lug Koci around.


Anonymous said...

Just another offseason with BAD moves way to start it off boys! Whats next Svatos?!

horbayj said...

they'll blow us away by signing Kovalchuk and he'll take some ridiculous pay cut cause he sees 'potential' in our young team

Anonymous said...

If IK comes to play with stats and stewy then they keep mueller duchene and duke together and everyone healthy I expect big things and a strong team that has a chance to go deeper into the playoffs exp if we also go out and sign a stay at home d for 2-3.5 range 2-3 years should be a good season regardless but I want a game breaker for the avs and IK could be that and you would see a whole new stats if he gets ppg without a winger of IK quality he is what could make our rebuild come together our young players need some stress of of them for there softmore year and stats deserves a quality LW I think 7 million for 4 years is deserving and we have the build blocks to be a cup contender within the next 2 years maybe 3 were a young fast puck moving team with shooters like IK and mueller and maybe the duke if he agrees to around 2-3 million to finish as an av which I could see him doing What a rant good site

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